We were topping burgers when you were still too small to reach the counter.

Kraft introduced the first commercially available processed cheese slice back in 1950 and has been a leader in foodservice ever since. Our products, processes and constant innovation make us experts in the category, and a valuable partner for your business. From improving prep to maximizing menu opportunities, you can rely on the name that's been there from the beginning.

  • 1903


    James L. Kraft begins a wholesale cheese business in Chicago, Illinois.

  • 1914


    J.L. Kraft & Bros. Co. opens its first plant and begins manufacturing its own cheese.

  • 1916


    J.L. Kraft receives first of many patents for his method of producing process cheese.

  • 1924


    J.L. Kraft Bros. changes its name to Kraft Cheese Company, goes public and has its first shares traded.

  • 1950


    Kraft develops the first commercial packaged sliced cheese.

  • 2012


    Kraft Foodservice Canada launches Kraft Extra cheese slices.