Premium Cheese Slices
  • Extra Old White Cheddar

    Extra Old White Cheddar
      Firmer than traditional cheddar with lower moisture content, our Old White Cheddar cheese slices feature a strong, sharp flavour profile with a creamy mouth feel.
  • Premium Cheese Slices

    Premium Cheese Slices
      • Costs up to 25% less than natural
      • Great flavour with lower melting point
      • Consistent performance, appearance and flavour
  • Extra Swiss

    Extra Swiss
      Kraft Extra Swiss cheese slices have a milky to nutty aroma and offers a delicate, sweet nutty flavour with some milky tang.
  • Extra Cheddar

    Extra Cheddar
      Cheddar is the most popular cheese in Canada, and our cheddar cheese slices have a uniform orange colour and tangy, buttery taste.
  • Extra Mozzarella

    Extra Mozzarella
      Our Mozzarella cheese slices have an elastic, supple body and mild taste of sweet milk and buttery notes.

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